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Natural Organic Skin Care and Natural Organic Beauty Products

Luxurious natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free facial oil.

Powered by the beauty of flowers.

The Flower Power Company Sunflower Promise
organic skincare vegan skincare organic skincare and natural skincare made in the UK

Natural, Organic, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skin Care. Welcome to The Flower Power Company.


The Flower Power Company mission is simple. To make the world a more beautiful place.

We create gorgeous, luxury natural skin care products, inspired by the natural beauty and power of flowers. In our opinion, flowers make the world go round.

Our Premium Natural Ingredients

Our premium natural beauty products use only the highest quality naturally derived, organic, vegan ingredients. We create the highest quality natural skin care products, made in small batches to avoid waste, here in the beautiful, flower filled UK.


We believe in cruelty free vegan beauty, that works gently on your skin. We love animals and also human skin so avoid a long list of ingredients that can be found in many skin care products.

Dermatologist Approved

Our formulations are tested by a dermatologist specialising in skin health and natural skin care. Skin care means being skin caring to us.

The Flower Power Company's Sunflower Promise & Money Back Guarantee

We aim to use low plastic, recyclable packaging wherever possible and aim to leave the world a more beautiful place than we found it. Read more about our company's promise to you here: The Flower Power Company's Sunflower Promise.

If you would like to read more about my journey inspired by flowers and why The Flower Power Company was set up following grief and a skin cancer diagnosis, you can read more about my story here. Why flowers make the world a more beautiful place.

Peace and Love. CJ xx

CEO of The Flower Power Company