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Home Spa Facial Oil Gift Sets

Home Spa Facial Oil Gift Sets

Home spa gift sets and facial oil gift boxes are proving very popular this Christmas at The Flower Power Company. I did a Christmas gift market in my local village recently in Lancashire and I was delighted how many people snapped up a box of our organic facial oil gift sets to give as Christmas presents. “Oh my mum/ aunt/ friend/ sister would love this!” seemed to be the popular phrase along with “I love the aroma!” Other people embraced the Buy one give one gift set so that they could enjoy a bottle of facial oil for themselves while also giving one to a loved one.

So what are in The Flower Power Company Gift Sets? First we have the Buy One, Give One Gift Set which includes two bottles of 30ml Radiant Flower Facial Oil. A bottle lasts for months because you only need a few drops of face oil each time. Even if you use it day and night, it will last a really long time.

The next Facial Oil Gift Set we offer is a 30ml bottle of Radiant Flower Facial Oil with a tin of organic Flower Facial Steam. Perfect for a home spa treat so that you can steam your face over hot water while enjoying the Himalayan Pink salt, flower petals and divine smell of neroli orange blossom. Once your skin has opened it's pores through the steam, with clean hands, apply Radiant Flower Facial Oil to absorb and leave your skin fresh and moisturised.

Another Facial Oil Gift Box we are offering is a bottle of Organic Radiant Flower Facial Oil with a facial roller. The face roller helps massage your face, improve circulation and boost lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness. 

Or why not try our Gua Sha Stone Gift Set. Again, the lucky recipient of this gift set will receive a bottle of Radiant Flower Facial oil but this time with a heart shaped Gua Sha Stone to help give yourself a home spa facial from the comfort of your own home. Simple apply a few drops of The Flower Power Company Radiant Flower Facial Oil then smooth the Gua Sha Stone over your face and neck for a gorgeous relaxing facial treatment.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

Claire x