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How To Use Facial Oil From The Flower Power Company

How To Use Facial Oil From The Flower Power Company

How to use facial oil is a question we are often asked. It really is very simple so we created a short video to prove how easy it is.

Once adding facial oil to your skincare routine becomes second nature, The Flower Power Company believe you will never look back. Simply click on the video below to see the two steps to radiant, nourished, replenished and glowing skin. Don't believe the hype, skincare does not need to be complicated!


The Flower Power Company facial oil can be used in the morning, at night, as a primer or base to your makeup or to give you a fresh faced look. Our facial oil is designed to be quickly absorbed and smells glorious so it will become a simple but enjoyable step to achieve nourished and supple skin.

We love to hear how customers use our facial oil so feel free to drop us an email or get in touch via social media to tell us how you use our facial oil.