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Learnings From My Rewilding Retreat

Learnings From My Rewilding Retreat

I was soooo fortunate to spend the weekend recently with a bunch of beautiful (inside and out!) business women who were part of The Growing Club at the truly amazing retreat at The Rewilding in Lancashire and it taught me A LOT. 

Here are a few things I was reminded of:

Growing a business is hard and you can end up caught up inside your own head.

Surrounding yourself with likeminded, open and sharing people is such a blessing.

Life is short. Follow your passion and don't be scared to dream big.

Take time out. You deserve it.

Be honest. Beautiful things happen when you are vulnerable so let others in to help.

Make time for nature. It is so nurturing and grounding and helps give a sense of perspective that nothing else can.

Be grateful. We all have so much to be grateful for each and every day.

Don't feel guilty to indulge. It's your one and only life. Enjoy it and live it to the full.

Getting a group of likeminded women together in a room is very powerful indeed.

Turn your limiting beliefs full circle. What if it went right?

So what have you got in your diary that is going to fire you up in the right direction? Is it not time you prioritised yourself? Go on, I give you permission even if you don't give it to yourself. 

Keep blooming. After all, you are blooming marvellous, even if you haven't told yourself that recently!

Claire x