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Living In An English Country Garden

Living In An English Country Garden

Sorry if it sounds like I am gloating but living in the middle of an English country garden is truly a delight. Yes there are wheel barrows full of weeds to contend with, fallen trees in the wind and always lots to do but the magic of nature never fails to inspire.

Recently we were blessed with ducklings and baby moore hens on our pond plus baby blue tits nesting under an old fir tree. To think that the parent ducks had chosen to share our home simply filled me with joy. Each morning their fuzzy little heads make patterns on the top of the water and boom, a smile appears on my face.

One little duckling fella got stuck on a bramble while following his mum. With an entourage of babies to deal with, she didn't notice but luckily my son did and rescued it before taking it back to it's family. After much quacking, a new bond of trust links our families together.

Then there are the constant surprises. A new conker tree growing randomly in the veg patch. How did that get there? Or the plants I thought had died suddenly coming back to life. 

In truth, setting up a new brand of face oil is very hard work and over winter I was starting to flag. Just stepping out into spring in the Flower Power Company garden though has once again given me a new lease of life. 

It was the garden that inspired my journey to develop a natural face oil in the first place and the garden is once again giving me the direction to carry on. 

Isn't nature just wonderful!