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Thank You For Supporting My Small Business

Thank You For Supporting My Small Business

Full disclosure - launching a new brand is HARD.

The Flower Power Company journey began in my family garden as a little girl when I stuffed rose petals in a jar and hoped to create perfume....It didn't work....

Failure isn't a bad thing though because it means you tried and failing to try is the biggest failure of all?

The Flower Power Company is only a teeny tiny business but I just wanted to stop by and say how grateful I am for each and every one of my subscribers and customers who have been with me on the journey so far.

Thank you for every order, (especially the many repeat orders 😇) - each one makes me smile.

Thank you for all the wonderful testimonials you send to me about how you enjoy using the oil.

Thank you for giving my products to friends and family.

Thank you for popping by on my social media accounts.

Thank you for helping my seed of an idea to create natural skincare powered by flowers germinate.

Onwards and upwards flower baby!

Claire x