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What Is Skinimalism And How Will It Improve Your Beauty Regime

What Is Skinimalism And How Will It Improve Your Beauty Regime

Skinimalism is a combination of skin and minimalism. Squeeze the two words together and what have you got? Skinimalism.

But what does skinimalism actually mean? Everyone will have their own definition but  for The Flower Power Company, skinimalism means simplifying your beauty regime and embracing the fact that less really can be more.

Skinimalist Ingredients

Following a skin cancer diagnosis, I became fanatical about researching what I was putting on my skin. I turned the back of my skincare products over and started scanning the ingredients. It was quite a revelation and led to the development of the first product for The Flower Power Company which I wanted to be simple, very effective, beautiful, gentle and pure.

This mission was flying in the face of what I was reading on the back of products that I had lurking in my bathroom cupboard that had a whole host of surprising ingredients mentioned on their appealing packaging. I found products with SLS, SLES and Parabens in them. Palm oils, mineral oils from petroleum and a whole host of questionable artificial ingredients.

I got a bin bag, threw them out and began my hunt for pure, simple, natural ingredients that had been used for centuries across the globe to enhance natural beauty. A year later our cult following, The Flower Power Company Radiant Flower Facial Oil was born.

Skinimalism Means Less Beauty Products Are Required

The beautiful thing about the skinimalist movement is that it makes you question the need for 101 beauty products when just a handful can do.

Marketing folk have convinced us all that we need moisturiser, day cream, night cream, primer and much more, even before we have reached into our makeup bag to add colour and definition.

When you break it all down, what you need for beautiful skin is hydration. How does the body do this naturally? By drinking fluids and by the natural oils that lock this moisture barrier into your skin.

By giving your natural skin oils a super flower boost, we now believe one product can do the job of at least 5. Apply our Radiant Flower Facial Oil after cleansing and see for yourself if you need anything else.

So in the words of minimalism queen Marie Kondo, make sure what you own sparks joy and for The Flower Power Company, this also applies to what you put on your skin.

CJ xx