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Why is facial steam good for your face?

Why is facial steam good for your face?

Is facial steam good for your face? We believe so! 

Steam is a simple trick that hydrates the skin by increasing your natural skin oil production for a youthful glow. Steaming your face helps your skin to absorb skin care products applied after the steam too which is why we recommend using our Flower Facial Steam before applying The Flower Power Company Radiant Flower Facial Oil as a regular at home spa treat.  Pores are deep cleaned gently with steam, helping your skin cleansing routine too by removing impurities that build up on the skin.

When should you facial steam?

We recommend indulging in a facial steam at least once a week. The ritual is relaxing so personally, I like to do it after a busy day and before applying facial oil at night.

How to facial steam?

Simple. Pour hot water into a bowl or your sink, grab a chair and face the water about 10 cm away. Grab a clean towel and cover your head then relax while the steam goes to work on your pores. We have created our Flower Facial Steam to add to the steam experience. Simply pinch a small amount of the flower petals and let them float on your water before you steam. The flower petals provide a meditative focus for you to watch drift by while you enjoy some me time. The Himalayan pink salt is know for it's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties while helping to hydrate the skin. The delicate aroma from the essential oils we use within our recipe also help you to unwind and relax while enjoying the steam.

What to apply after a facial steam?

Once the water has started to go cold and your face feels cleansed, we recommend patting away excess moisture before applying a good quality organic facial oil. The act of steaming the face allows your pores to open, helping the oil absorb.

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CJ x