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At The Flower Power Company we love hearing from our BEAUTIFUL (inside and out!) customers on how they are finding our products. Below are some of the recent comments we are so thankful to have received.

Liz from Side Farm Flowers

Liz runs a beautiful flower farm in Yorkshire and was drawn to The Flower Power Company due to the fact we only use natural ingredients. Thank you so much Liz for telling your flower lover friends about the oil.

"I love your facial oil - beautiful fragrance but so kind and moisturising to my skin especially when I've been out in the cold and wind all day. I'd 100% recommend it, much better than a moisturising cream."

Mrs Walsh - Republic of Ireland

Mrs Walsh likes the finer things in life but she also loves nature. Thank you Claire for sharing what you like about The Flower Power Company face oil.

"It's brilliant!! Love the oil, both it's smell and it's consistency. Plus it's easy to absorb. Feels like a really luxurious product."

Norma Foster - Tyne and Wear

Norma had not tried facial oil before but loved The Flower Power Company ethos of being organic, natural and cruelty free. She is now a facial oil convert and very happy customer. Thank you Norma for taking the time to write to us.

"The oil is beautiful & so smooth. I use 3 drops only every evening, which feel very nourishing but soak into my skin very readily. My skin over the few months I have been using it feels much more soft and supple and no longer has any dry patches at all. The oil is also wonderful for any dry skin areas or when I just fancy a nice treat".

Mrs Stratham - Ribble Valley

Many of our customers are surprised how quickly The Flower Power Company Radiant Flower Facial Oil soaks in to their skin, expecting it to be greasy instead. Mrs Stratham is a new raving fan and we are very happy to have been able to help her.

"My skin lately has reacted to a lot of things, so I tried the Flower Power Company Facial Oil to try to nourish and rehydrate my skin. It did both those things and smelt amazing and didn't just sit on top of the skin but soaked in so I didn't get a greasy fringe! I have finally found something that ticks all the boxes."

Jane Steen - Wales

Jane was curious about facial oil as it was a product she had not tried before. Thank you so much Jane for taking the time to let us know how you got on.

"I love this product! It smells so beautiful and sorted out all my patches of dry skin. My eczema has disappeared and the product was far nicer to use than my usual medical options! And it was so nice to use a natural product, I'd definitely recommend it."

Mrs Rainford - Lancashire

Facial oil is often something that people have not tried before instead of traditional moisturiser. Our customers sometimes expect it to leave a greasy film on their skin and be difficult to apply. Mrs Rainford had not tried facial oil before but was very pleasantly surprised by how versatile it is and is now a loyal customer. Thank you for your lovely comments Mrs R. 

"It absorbed easily and had an uplifting aroma. My skin felt nourished and it worked well under make up. I feel it brightened my complexion". 

A Jackson

Amanda is in her 50's and has an active business and social life. When asked to try The Flower Power Company floral face oil, this is what she had to say. Thank you very much Amanda for leaving this lovely review.

"I am delighted to have come across a facial oil which doesn't have an overpowering, cloying fragrance. This one has a lovely aroma that is both calming in the evening; yet energising in the morning. I also like the way it easily absorbs into my skin, leaving it feel nourished and dewy."

Zoe M - Preston

Zoe is a busy working mum but took the time to send us a lovely review about our Radiant Flower Facial Oil. Thank you Zoe.

"It’s a lovely oil that feels like you’re being kind to your skin and leaves me with a healthy looking glow after applying and my skin is softer. I liked the natural scent too and the way it absorbed into my skin so well. I would definitely recommend this."


Camilla is in her 30's and has sensitive skin and allergies so is very careful about what she uses. She has a busy life with 2 young children, loves being outdoors and adores beautiful things. We are delighted she loves The Flower Power Company Radiant Flower facial oil as much as we do. Thank you for your lovely comments Camilla.

"The smell reminds me of a Turkish lemon cologne that I love! Amazing. I have very sensitive skin but the Radiant Flower Facial Oil is gentle and feels very nourishing. I can put it on any time of the day, even under makeup which is lovely."

Sarah N

Sarah is in her 40's and loves high quality natural skincare that are cruelty-free. She is now a huge supporter of The Flower Power Comany Radiant Flower Facial Oil. Thank you Sarah for your kind words.

"I love the aroma. It is easily absorbed and leaves my skin soft".

Sue - Lancashire

Sue is in her 60's and tried The Flower Power Company's Radiant Flower Facial Oil for the first time a few months ago. She is now a loyal customer and uses it every day instead of moisturiser under her make up.

"I absolutely love the The Flower Power Company Radiant Flower Facial Oil. It is so uplifting and my skin definitely feels softer. I love the feel of the oil as it is non greasy and easily absorbed. Also I love the long lasting scent."


Sheila is in her 60's and likes finding new products and supporting new brands. She is vegetarian and loves animals and nature which leads her to look for brands that have the same values as she does. Thank you Sheila for taking the time to send us your comments.

"The Flower Power Company Radiant Flower Facial Oil absorbed into my skin easily and left it feeling moisturised. It worked well under my make up instead of a moisturiser which surprised me and I love the fact it uses natural ingredients. I love natural products created with love and care for what matters. 

Amanda N

Amanda is in her 30's and loves products that are kind to her skin but also kind to animals too. Thank you Amanda for sharing your lovely comments.

"My skin feels nourished and moisturised and it is gentle on my skin. It also lasts such a long time!".

Ms Moss

Taking time out for wellbeing is something so many of us know we should be doing but often don't. Maybe you don't have the time to go on a full day retreat, but 10 minutes of personal care can make all the difference which is why Ms Moss bought The Flower Power Company Facial Steam. Thank you Ms Moss for taking the time to send us your comments.

"Smells lovely and looks beautiful. Bought as a self care treat as I love flowers and the spa. It arrived super quick and I was very happy. Thanks!"

Jane N

Jane loves flowers, organic products and looking after herself. When we asked her what she thought of The Flower Power Company flower face oil, this is what she said. Thank you Jane for your kind words.

"I like the fact that it is natural and organic. It feels great on my skin and smells lovely."

Mrs L Clarke

Mrs Clarke is careful what she puts on her skin. Following trying The Flower Power Company gentle face oil, this is what she told us. Thank you Mrs Clarke for taking the time to let us know.

"I love the face it contains only natural ingredients and my skin is much better balanced now after using it. Thank you, I will be telling my friends!" 

Claire B

Claire is a busy working mum in her 40's who does not always have time to put herself first. She tried The Flower Power Company flower face oil and this is what she had to say. Thank you Claire for taking the time to complete the survey.

"I love the facial oil scent, the natural aspect of the brand and the effect of the product on my skin. I really like the convenient dropper bottle too so it does not make the bottle sticky."

Mrs Whitlow - Cheshire

Claire is another busy working mum who loves nature and looking after herself and her family. She took the time to let us know what she thought of The Flower Power Company flower face oil which we are very appreciative for her time.

"I love how the product feels on my skin. It has good quality branding and packaging and I enjoy using it".

Karen F

Karen is in her 50's and enjoys using a range of luxury skincare. Thank you Karen for letting us know what you thought of your first bottle of The Flower Power Company Radiant Flower Facial Oil.

"The product is very good and the packaging looks luxurious if it is given as a gift."